Paytm Money vs Groww vs Et Money Best Mutual fund app Comparison

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kalikolom is back with New  important topic by best mutual fund app, hope you are doing well and enjoyed our previous information. OK let’s explore Today’s topic. Paytm Money vs grow app


Hello Guys, Today I am going to tell you best mutual fund app. Those who are thinking of investing in Mutual Fund. And get confused Seeing so many apps in play store And you want to know which mutual fund app is the best? Read this article completely, I hope you will Understand.  Which app is best for you?

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Because in this article we Will compare the details and tell which app will be best for you Which app is offering you the most and advanced features, we will tell you in this Article I have given all the details below, you read the post well and you too take advantage of this mutual fund app.

Best Mutual fund app paytm money vs Groww vs Et money

Before going about both these Paytm Money and Grow app, let us do a basic comparison about mutual Funds. Mutual funds are also a option just like an investment. whatever you invest in Mutual Funds Inside Mutual Fund Schemes! Those who manage mutual funds He does AMC (Aset Management System) And the asset management company hires Your fund manager he is invest our investment in top market. 

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Hey Guys To manage this whole process asset management company charts some commission on us and this commission keeps on changing and paints according to the app, depends on the net fund you are investing in.  is how much you will be charged and this charge ranges from 0.01 to 2% And what used to happen earlier, all of them had to go to the website of different mutual funds to purchase a Mutual Fund and from there we could invest in Mutual funds. If we talk about now, then you have come to us very advanced App now.


In which you can invest on all mutual funds through a single app. Even if it is initiated from any house, you can also invest in it and it is happening through only one platform and now it is a lot, it does not even charge you for this Platform, it is absolutely free platform, today we have this article.  I’m going to talk about three apps and it doesn’t Charge you any kind of Charger


Then let’s be our first like you whose name is Grow App.

It’s pretty cool, you are and it’s got a lot of features.  Through this app you can invest in very easy natural fund for example if you are beginner you can also complete your KYC, you can get your KYC completed very easily in all these three apps in 10 to 20 minutes work  Here KYC is done in very easy way and after getting your KYC completed you can invest in any Mutual fund. 


Grow app is your talk about this safety and security.

You will not get any security issue because its entire process is Regulate by CEBI. All your investment is absolutely safe, you can invest very easily through this app 


Let’s talk Grow app, how many charges

You do not have to pay any charge in this app. You can invest in it absolutely free No matter how much you invest in the Mutual Fund. No charges will be taken from you in this. So let’s go to our second App whose name is Paytm Money


#2 Paytm Money app

Paytm Money is a very advanced app.  Many features have been given inside it too. This app was launched through Paytm, it is a very advanced app and many options have been given in it and you can also invest in all the mutual funds inside it, you can invest in all types of these mutual fund companies here.  Whether it is a textile or a big company, you will be able to invest in all those mutual funds very easily with the help of this Paytm Money app. And the special thing about this app.

In this you get many new and advanced features for EXAMPLE! In this you get the facility of NPS. You can also invest in NPS scheme through Paytm Money app. And besides?  You can also manage your own funds, here you have to invest for example, you have to invest through a plane, so you can do that through this app If you are planning for retirement, then you can through whom you do. If you have a goal, you can do the same to achieve it?


I think there is a problem with this app.  The user interface in this is not very good. Because in this app all the options have been given in one screen simultaneously. If you are beginner then there is Paytm Money App.  Using you can be very difficult for you. Understanding so many features depends on you, if you have experience then you will like it very much because many features have been given in this app.


Paytm Money app Safety and Security

Rest assured that you will not face any security issue in this app. Because its entire process is Regulated by CEBI. In which app also your investment is completely saved and Secure, you can invest with confidence


Paytm Money app, how many charges

In this app also you do not have to pay any charges. It’s absolutely free. No matter how much you invest in mutual funds. No charge will be taken from you.  It’s absolutely free. And whatever charges will go from you because those four things will also be taken through MP. And the charges that will be taken from you through the charger will also be charged through Alp. Other wise, no chargers will be taken Through this app! from you.


#3 app nam is ET Money

This Et Money is also an advance app You will also get a lot of options in the app. This is compare to others app, in this you get very advanced features, even in this App you can invest in all mutual funds and you can also invest in all types of new mutual funds. And you can invest in all mutual fund houses through this app. And along with that you get other more good features in it. 

For example if you want to invest NPA. you will be able to invest very easily. If you want to purchase any insurance then you can do it from here.


And this app has special feature.  You can also apply for a personal loan Will be able to take  Apart from that you can also manage bill from here and Pay through ET Money app! And apart from that, many thousand features have been given in it. And many tools have also been given in this Et money app, I think you are better than both of them. this app are very advanced.


ET Money app Safety and Security

Just like both of them are regulated here through their SEBI, the same thing applies in this app too. This app is also regulated by SEBI. So you have nothing to worry about. No one will come to you for safety and security in this app.


ET Money app, how many charges

Like both those apps, in this app also you do not have to give any charges. Even inside this the whole process is free. You can invest in mutual funds as much as you want. Its with you. It will not charge you a single rupee. But whatever charges are taken from you in this app, they are also taken through MCE only.


Now I have compared these App things.  Now it depends on you which app you will select to invest. If you are absolutely new and starting from zero, then I will tell you that you? Grow app will be best for you. if you have a little advance a and you have a little bit of experience about mutual funds then you can use ET money. Because many advanced features have been given in this app. And apart from that you can also manage your expenses through this app. 

Apart from that if we talk about Paytm Money then I think.  If you have then I will not comment on you because its customer support is also not very good and user experience of Paytm Money is also not very good, yes if you are very Irfan then definitely UP o this app then for you  is the best app

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