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Islamic Status: Send out beautiful Islamic Status quotes, wishes, and greetings to your friends, family, and loved ones. On the auspicious day of Friday, which has a dignified significance among Muslims. Convey your heartfelt wishes and prayers to your friends, family, and acquaintances with the best Islamic Status SMS, wishes, and quotes in your social circle.

Friday Best day of the week. Ramadan Best month of the year.

1st Friday of Ramadan May Allah, bless us all with good health and happiness.

Ramadan Day 7 First Friday of Ramadan – May Allah accept our fasts, prayers and good deeds





A simple word can erase thousands of sins. 🥺💗

I’m not a perfect Muslim, but I’m trying♥️

Astaghfirulla For my past

Alhamdulillah For my present

In sha Allah For my future

My Mother. She is my Jannah, The Queen of my heart❤️

If you want something, Pray for it. Dua is so powerful♥️✨

Ya Allah

Please Accept Our Prayers

Islamic Status for Whatsapp in English

Dear Allah please give her shifa😞
She is my love , my life , my world, my Happiness, my peace, my everything❣
Please make my mom stronger and give him healthy long life…. (Ameen)😓🤲🏻😭

islamic Whatsapp Status

“Do Start with


Do end with


Do appreciate with

Subhan Allāh.

Hope with


And life will be blessed by Allah.”

Best friend for life husband and wife

islamic Whatsapp Status

I forgot that you were in the hearts I broke. I forgot that when I gossiped, my heart got filthy, and my good deeds were replaced.

New Islamic status

Life is Short turn Back To Islam

islamic Whatsapp Status

Your Messenger (PBUH) put up with so much pain,

not even once he said ‘ough’. But I couldn’t get a chance to ask for forgiveness because I was just complaining. My Master! Astaghfirullah for all my mistakes and sins.

“Allahumma innaka afuwwun tuhibbul afwa fa’fu annee”

“O Allah, You are Forgiving and love forgiveness, so forgive me.”

May Allah forgive us, Ameen…

I am very sorry oh Allah! I have the heaviness of the prayers I abandoned in my heart.

islamic Whatsapp Status


For My Past💔


For My Present❤️


For My Future💛

When Al Razzaq is in your Heart, Rizq will come to you in the most unexpected ways.Islamic WhatsApp status

Ya Allah

I want my last words to be

لا إله إلا الله


is my deen♥


is my dream❤️Islamic WhatsApp status

“AZAN”, is the most peaceful and the beautiful sound in the world.😍❤️

Where is your deen?💔

Oh Allah, help us achieve Your contentment😳

islamic Whatsapp Status

Alhamdulillah for another day✨🤍


A new day,

a new chance for becoming a better Muslim.

Nazar (Evil Eye) is soo real! but reading these will make you untouchable from


1. Surah al-Fatiha

2. Surah Al-Nas X3

3. Surah Al-Falaq X3

4. Surah al-Ikhlaas X3

5. Ayatul Kursi

6. Last verses of S Baqarah make it a habit! may Allah protect us from all sorts of evil, aameen

5 Steps for Success:

– Fajr

– Zuhr

– Asar

– Maghrib

– Isha

I’m not perfect Muslim, but i’m trying.

Surely the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous among you Surah 49:13islamic Whatsapp Status

Small duas for when you are feeling sad or weak;☺️❤️

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New islamic Status

Find Allah and then come and find me, so that we may be in love with Allah together.

New islamic Status

New islamic Status

Waiting ❤️🙈 For Halal Love.

Your Partner Complete half of your Deen. 🤍🌸

New islamic Status

New islamic Status

Ya Allah bless me with good life partner.❤😍 AMEEN

New Islamic status

Rasulullah (ﷺ‎) was asked: “Which type of woman is the best?” and He replied : “When you look at her,you feel happiness” 🥺❤

Lesson from Surah Yusuf

• Dreams come true, if Allah wills

• Never lose hope

• Keep making dua

New islamic Status

New islamic Status

I’m not perfect Muslim, but I’m trying.🤲


• extensions is Haram❌

• Fake eyelashes is Haram ❌

• Plucking eyebrows is Haram❌

• Tight revealing clothes is Haram ❌

• Imitating the men is Haram❌

• Putting perfume going outdoor is Haram ❌

• Revealing hair is Haram ❌

May Allah guide us to the right path,

A good partner is gift from Allah.!😊🌻

New islamic Status

Just pray everything will be fine, In Sha Allah.♥️ New Islamic status