Important grammar for Madhyamik 2023: article & preposition, Voice change and pharasal verb

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WBBSE Class 10 English Grammar Q&A with answers are provided here to help students prepare for the upcoming Madhyamik board exam. These questions are extremely important for the last-minute revision.

Important grammar for Madhyamik 2023

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions:

(1) The transport minister has constituted _______ one man committee to look _______ the demand of transport operators for _______ increase ______ fares.

Ans: a, into, an, in.

(2) The disappearance of Subhash Chandra Bose ________ August 18, 1945 remains still _______ unsolved mystery. There is no definite evidence of _______ unfortunate place crash or of Netaji being _______ the plane at all.

Ans: on, an, the, in.


(3) January 24, 1984 was a memorable day in Sudhan’s life. She was back on _______ stage. Arrangements were made _______ her dance program at _______ big hall _______ Bombay.

Ans: the, for, a, in.


(4) Ranjan was been suffering _______ fever for the last few days. In fact he is down _______ influenza. We hope he will be fit in _______ few days.

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Ans: from, with, a.


(5) The test match at Eden Garden between two rival teams. India and Pakistan, was ______ exciting one. There were ups and downs ______ the fortunate of the two teams. In the first innings Indian’s total ______ 407 was almost overtake _______ Pakistan.

Ans: an, in, of, by.


(6) In India the first successful oil well was sunk _______ borbhil, later known as Digboi, in Assam _______ 19 October, 1899. ________ Digboi refinery is _______ oldest running refinery in the country.

Ans: at, on, the, the.


(7) I arrived at my cousin’s house _______ the evening, it was freezing cold and we had _______ early dinner in _______ large room whose walls and ceiling were covered _______ stuffed by Birds.

Ans: in, an, a, with.

(8) When Rabindranath set ______ his school _______ Shantiniketan, Satish Chandra Roy, a young man, came there as _______ teacher. With him the boys felt they were never confined in a classroom.

Ans: up, at, a.


(9) _______ tigerss captured in the Sundarbans ______ May 10, had to be bought to ______ Alipore Veterinary Hospital _______ treatment.


Ans: the, on, the, for.


(10) _______ students from ______ neighbouring school are going ______ an excursion to Darjeeling _______ their teachers.

Ans: the, a, on, with.


(11) Most people are found _______ mystery stories. They find _______ extra pleasure _______ trying to solve _______ mystery along with the investigator.

Ans: of, an, in, the.


(12) Football is _______ simple sport. It is also the cheapest game _______ no complicated rules ________ understand.

Ans: a, with, to.


(13) ______ girls _______ this village have promised to fight _______ the curse _______ child marriage.

Ans: the, of, against, of.

(14) Lepchajagat is _______ most exclusive it place in the western part _______ Darjeeling Hills. It offers _______ unique experience _______ nature lovers with its alpine scenario and magnificent view of Kanchenjunga.

Ans: the, of, a, to.

(15) India stormed into _______ quarter finals _______ the world cup on Friday, defeating West Indies _______ 4 wickets in _______ not so high scoring game in perth.

Ans: the, of, by, a.

Change the voice of the following sentences:

(1) Let the door be shut.

Ans: Shut the door.

(2) They gave each of the recipients a handsome prize.

Ans: Each of the recipients was given a handsome prize by them.

(3) Someone wrote this letter in the 19th century.

Ans: This letter was written in the 19th century.

(4) Tell the truth.

Ans: Let the truth be told.

(5) We call the tiger our national animal.

Ans: The tiger is called our national animal.

(6) I received a phone call.

Ans: A phone call is received by me.

(7) Shut the door.

Ans: Let the door be shut.

(8) They did not make a sound.

Ans: A sound was not made by them.

(9) Please post the letter.

Ans: You are requested to post the letter.

(10) I am writing a poem.

Ans: A poem is being written by me.

(11) The teacher gave Suresh an exercise book.


Ans: Suresh was given an exercise book by the teacher.

(12) Do the work at once.

Ans: Let the work be done at once.


(13) Please maintain silence in this room.

Ans: You are requested to maintain silence in this room.


(14) Many buildings have been damaged by flood.

Ans: Flood has damaged many buildings.

(15) I know the man.

Ans: The man is known to me.


Phrasal Verbs :


Understand = make out

met = came across

appear = turm up

withdrawa = call off

resembles = takes after

starts = sets in

closes = breaks up

published = brought out

tolerate = bear with

continued = kept on

died = passed away

recover = come round

chased = ran after

change = give up

forcibly entered = broke into

surrendered = gave in

rejected = turned down

overcome = get over

quarrelled = fell out

erupted = broke out

arrive = turn up

distributed = gave away

found = came across

established = running after

removed = set up

failed = took off

reared = fell through

abolished = brought up

in search = looking for

causes harm = tells upon

examining = looking into

obey = carry out

postpone = put off

be cured = come round

extracted = taken out

omitted = left out

escaped = ran away

prepare = make up

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