HARAM RELATIONSHIP: Haram relationship hadith: Haram relationship meaning in English

Haram relationship hadith
Haram relationship

Haram relationship hadith and Quran 

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The Day of Judgement is going to be very horrific for some people. Every person would think of himself. No one would care about anyone else.

“On the Day, a man will run away from his brother, and his mother and his father, and his wife and his children.” (Quran 80:34-36)

On that Day, people would be barefooted and naked. (Sahih Muslim 2859), the seriousness of that Day is such that no one would even notice anyone.

When the man would go to the Prophet Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus (peace be upon all of them) for the intercession, they all would decline and would care only for “Themselves.” (Bukhari 7440)

The man would wish to save himself from the punishment by giving his children, spouse, brother, his relatives, and all the stuff of the earth, but No! It can’t help him. (Quran 70:11-15)

So, that Day you will not care for anyone else. You would wish to do anything and everything to save yourself.

Now let me ask you, on that Day when you wouldn’t care for your own spouse, parents, children, or brother, how can you even think of your haram partner with whom you used to commit sins.

Rater, you would hate him/her the most on that Day, because they are the ones who made it easy for you to commit sins. They are the ones who made Zinah possible for you.

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When Allah warned you and said “Do not come close to Zinah” (Quran 17:32), you were doing the opposite, and were doing acts which were taking you closer and closer to Zinah.

You used to spend a lot of time flirting with her/him, doing the Zinah of tongue. You used to listen to her/his flirtatious speech, doing the Zinah of ears. You used to look at her/his picture with lusty eyes, doing the Zinah of eyes. You used to touch him/her, doing the Zinah of hands, and you used to walk to a destination where you intended to do haram with each other, doing the Zinah of foot. (Sahih Muslim 2658)

And then for some of you, gradually you moved to the actual Zinah when you both illegally committed adultery with each other. Astagfirullah! How could you do it?

Do you think if this is love which made you earn the wrath of Allah? Which made you fill your book of deeds with sins? Which made your emaan sink down into the sea of sins? This can’t be love, maybe it’s lust. If it was love, you could’ve made it halal in the first place.

When you talk to each other and doing haram stuff, do you forget that Allah sees? (Quran 96:14) No! my dear, “Allah is, of all things, seeing.” (Quran 67:19) “Nothing is hidden from Him on earth or in the heaven?” (Quran 3:5)

You know what? We all die every night. Some souls are sent back, but some are retained. (Quran 39:42) What if you die tonight? What if you sleep comfortably in your bed tonight, but wake up in the grave? Will you be satisfied with the life you have lived? Think about it, my dear.

And imagine, on the Day of Judgment, when everyone is worried about oneself, you’re trying to think of your life and how you committed so much of sins with your haram partner, and you were so much in love with him/ her, but now you might be cursing him/her and might be complaining about him/her and wishing that Allah should punish him/her more than you.

SubhanAllah! You couldn’t see him/her getting hurt in the Dunya, but now in the Hereafter you’re wishing that he/she should be punished more than you? Or your partner is wishing that YOU should be punished more than them?

Feeling hard to believe it? I’ve already shared with you Quranic verses which talk about how the man would be running away from everyone. He would be running away even from his halal spouse, so what about the haram partner?

By the way, you are still alive. You still have chances. End this haram relationship. Quit it. Leave it. Come out of it for the sake of Allah. Go through halal means which would make you earn Allah’s love, and would make you earn rewards. The haram relationship would ruin your Dunya as well as your Akhirah. So, quit it.

“The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception.” (Quran 3:185)

“So, don’t let this worldy life delude you.” (Quran 35:5)


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