How to invest in index funds | index funds for beginners

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Today’s Aritcal is special for those people who are looking for how to invest through SIP every month. Invest every month little by little and get good returns from it. So today I am going to tell you everything about index funds in detail. What is an index fund and how can you deposit one crore rupees in an index fund And how to deposit money in index funds so let’s get started.  For today’s article follow all the steps given below.

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There are more than 5000 companies listed in the stock market And how is the grain market performing?  To check this, you have to Tracking more than 5000 company is very difficult. Well, two indices have been created for Nifty and sensex Top 50 companies of India are included in Nifty and Top Thirty companies are included in Sensex. By looking at the index, it is known what is going on in the market? Sensex by searching Google! You can check very easily how to grow Sensex and Nifty There have been many ups and downs over time but right now the stock market is at its all-time high. So this is an index made of 50 companies and looking at the index how the market is performing.  This is shown. Let us now talk about what is an index fund?

How to invest in index funds |  index funds for beginners

What is An Index Fund

Index funds are a category of mutual funds. This is called prosafe fund. This fund is of stock exchanges. In an Intex  company Invest in the top 50 company For Example Nifty Fifty Index fund. In which invest in your nifty Fifty company. same way sensex fund invest in Top 30 companies. All the companies have the same weightage in the index. It is bought in the same share ratio buy in mutual funds. Well, the performance of the fund is his. Just like that index. Whom he follows for example! you Invest in Nifty Fifty. You will get his performance just like Nifty Fifty Like nifty, 50 performs.

Now let us talk about the benefits of investing in index funds.

There are two biggest advantages of investing in index funds. First, its expense ratio is very low. That is, what is the cost of investing in Index in West? It is very compere less than actively managed. This is another great advantage of index funds. Instead of investing money in the stock of a single company. Money is invested in all the stocks included in the Top index. That’s why portfolio diversity! get a chance to If there is a weakness in the stock of any one company So the returns from another company can be balance. Index funds can be a great choice for those who do not have the time to do financial research and markets analysis. And want a superior return in the coming long time. Let me tell you how you can make one crore rupees by investment. (Now if you search index point in Google, then the website will come in front of you.  There you can check.) Now when you go into the index fund’s calculator, you will find that it has given a return of around 23% in the last 5 years. Normally an index fund gives a return of 20% to 30%.

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You can use a sip calculator to make one karo rupee and you can easily search it by going to google. If you want to make one crore rupees, then you have to do SIP of ₹ 20000 every month. Then for 15 years, then your one crore will become ₹ 32000. If you cannot deposit 20000 every month, then you will do the same by depositing 15 thousand then you will have to do SIT for 17 years. Then you will have one crore ₹ 17000 with you. If you look properly, you will get to see.  If you deposit ₹ 20000 every month for 15 years then you will get it. Full 3600000 rupees and your reverse will get return around ₹64 lakh.

If you can invest more than 50000 in a month, then you can get one crore rupee return within about 10 years. I am giving you this sip calculator link below If you want to check how much you have to invest.  After going for how many years you will have more than one crore rupees, then you can use this calculator in a very easy way, you can check and invest your money in your own way every month. It was talked about what is Index Point and Index SIP Calculator, we have covered it completely.  Now let us talk about how we can invest in such index funds?

By the way, you will find many in the market to invest in investment funds app  But according to me, it is you who is very good and very easy for Wagon and also for those who are you, through this app you can very easily invest in index funds and get returns. The name of that app is Finity Application! You will go to the play store and search. Finity, it will come in front of you in a very easy way.  By installing it yourself, you are in this process. Complete the KYC and start investing. Because of this app others like you are very easy and simple.  Just enter your PAN card number, upload one of your documents such as Aadhar card or voter card, your KYC will be completed within a few minutes and you will be all set to invest in index funds. Once KYC is complete, link your bank account with this app.  If ₹1 will be sent to your account and you account will be gender inside this app. You can invest in this finity app  mutual fund by you more than 5000. In which article we will talk about index funds, then as soon as you open you there in front of you, index funds will come in front of you! You can invest as much money as you want in index funds.

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