How to order Aadhaar PVC card? How much to pay? How many types of Aadhaar do you know?

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Aadhaar Card Types: It goes without saying how important the Aadhaar card is to Indians. Many other tasks require it. But for the convenience of the citizens, Aadhaar cards are accepted in many ways. And Aadhaar PVC Card is also one of them. Now let’s know how to order it.

How to order Aadhaar PVC card? 

UIDAI: Aadhaar card is mandatory for Indian citizens. It can be said that many works are related to this. The Center is also providing Aadhaar card named Bal Aadhaar to children. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Everyone knows how important Aadhaar card is. Aadhaar card is required to open a bank account, apply for a PAN card, avail the benefits of other government schemes. Aadhaar is more important than most other identity cards. UIDAI issues various types of Aadhaar cards. For the convenience or convenience of Indian citizens.. taking multiple Aadhaars. Now how many types of Aadhaar cards are there.. How to order a PVC card among them. Let’s see.

UIDAI brought the latest Aadhaar card.. PVC card. Apart from its ease of use.. this PVC Aadhaar card.. contains a digitally signed Aadhaar secured code. Here too, it has photo, demographic information and multiple security features. This card can be ordered online with UIDAI.GOV.IN or Rs. 50 has to be paid for this.

For this first 12 digit Aadhaar card number has to be entered. Then click on OTP.. enter it and submit. Payment to be made later. Receipt will come after successful payment. It should be downloaded in PDF format for further reference.

Aadhaar letter.. It comes printed on paper.. with lamination. It has date of issue, date secured QR code printed on it. It is a paper based laminated letter. UIDAI will send this letter to people free of charge by regular post. Even if the Aadhaar letter is lost, from the official website of UIDAI, Rs. 50 can order a reprint letter. It can also be obtained by mail.

E- Aadhaar- This is Aadhaar card in electronic form.. UIDAI issues this card with digital signature. It also contains a secured QR code for offline verification including issue date, download date. It can be password protected. You can easily download e-Aadhaar, masked e-Aadhaar through UIDAI official portal with your registered phone number.

m-Aadhaar- M Aadhaar.. official mobile application. M Aadhaar has been designed by UIDAI to be installed on the mobile device itself. It is available on Play Store. It can be downloaded with

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