What 5 Jobs Can You Do In Addition To Studying? Know The Details

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Part-time Jobs

What 5 Jobs Can You Do In Addition To Studying

Candidates Who Have Part-time Work Experience Are Always Given Extra Importance By Hiring Companies.

Part-time Jobs
Part-time Jobs

College Life Means Enjoying The Taste Of Freedom And Having Endless Fun With Friends. Chatting in the canteen between Classes Or Going To The Movies In a Group Without Class Is Probably a Favorite Of All College Students. But Apart From All This Fun, Students should Use This Time Properly For Their Studies Or Future Jobs.

Work Experience Is Often Taken Very Seriously In The Workplace These Days. So Students Can Do Many Part-time jobs in Their Spare Time While Studying in college. But not only to build a dream Career, Many Times Students Also work Part Time For Home Or Some Extra Income For Themselves.

Candidates Who Have Part-time Work Experience Are Always Given Extra Importance By Hiring Companies. Employers Also Consider Their Experience as an Interest In The Job. The Skills Acquired in This Part-time Work Are Later Checked By The Hiring Company.

Some Of The Part-time Jobs That Students Can Do While Studying In College Are-

1. Content Writing:

Students Who Have Innate Writing Skills Can Utilize This Skill To Write Various Types Of Profitable ‘Content’. This ‘Content Writing’ Task Can Be Done At any Time During The Study And Hence the Popularity Of This Task Among The Students Is Also High. Companies Sometimes Hire Students Part-time to do Various Types Of Writing For Their Websites, Blogs, Social Media Pages. By Doing This, Students Can Earn Up To Rs 5,000-8,000 Per Month. This work also improves Students’ Writing Skills For Writing On Various Topics.

2. Data Entry Operator:

After Passing 12th Students Can Do Part Time Job As Data Entry Operator In Various Companies. Companies want to Entrust The Handling Of All Their Data To A Reliable Operator. Students Can Do This Work Only If They Understand Different Types Of Data And Extract important Information And Know How To Arrange Them In The Computer Datasheet. College Students Can Earn Easily By Doing This Job.

3. Call Center Worker or Customer Service Executive:

Students Can Work Part-time As A Call Center Worker Or Customer Service Executive While Studying In College. Students Try To Solve Customer Service Problems Of Various Companies Over The Phone Or Inform Customers About Various Services Of The Company. Students Can Continue This Work Along With studies. All it requires is command of the Language And Speaking Skills. Students Can Also Earn Good Money From This Job.

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4. Receptionist :

Those Who Sit At The Front Desk In An Organization And Handle The Responsibilities Of Managing Guests, Making Guest Lists And Keeping records of Other Tasks Are Called Receptionists. Students Can Do This Work For Part Time in Different Hotels, Hospitals. It Also does Not Require Any Special Educational Qualification.

5. Tutor or Online Teacher:

Those Who Are Good At Studies And Love To Teach Others About Any Subject Can Definitely Opt For This Profession. This Experience Will Be Useful Even If You Want To Take Up Teaching As A Profession. Since the pandemic, there Has Been A Huge Demand For Online Tutors, Apart From Coaching Centres, Own Homes. So Students Can Earn A lot of Money By Teaching Others Besides Studying. In Many Cases This Income Can Be Up To Rs 20,000 Maximum!

All These Part-time Work Experiences Give Students An Opportunity To Learn Something, Expose Them To The World Of Work And Help Them Improve Their Skills. So Students Can Try The Above Tasks While Studying in College Thinking About The Future.

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