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g pay quiz answers today

g pay quiz answers today, Google pay fan wall quiz answers today: Friends, today I am going to tell you 1 such offer, in which you can win Cashback by answering G-Pay Fan Wall Daily Quiz questions.

It is very easy to participate in this contest and just tell you the answers given below and you too will win Cashback.

Google pay fan wall quiz answers today 14nd November  2022

g pay All quiz answers today

Google Pay Today’s Answer





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Question1: How much is (4+2)?

Answer: 6

Question2: How many zeros are there in 1 Lakh?

Answer: 5

Question3: How much is (7-2)?

Answer: 5

Question4: What is (21 x 0)?

Answer: 0

Questions5: How much is (1+10+100)

Answer: 111

g pay quiz answers today 13nd November  2022

Google Pay Festive Quiz Day | Win Cashback & Voucher

Answer :

1)Shoaib Akhtar

2)Indian Premier League

3)Mukhesh and Nita Ambani


5)The batsman has scored a six

Questions1: What is the color of India’s jersey in cricket?

Answer: Blue


Question2: A cricket umpire raises both of their arms straight above their head – what des this signify?

Answer: The batsman has scored a six


Question3: Who bowled the fastest delivery over of 100.2mph in a cricket match?

Answer: Shoaib Akhtar


Question4: Who owns the IPL franchise cricket team – Mumbai Indians?

Answer: Mukesh and Nita Ambani


Question5: What is the full form of IPL in Indin cricket?

Answer: Indian Premier League

g pay quiz answers 12nd November  2022

Google Pay Festive Quiz Day | Win Cashback & Voucher

Answer :

1)5 Days

2)One Day International

3)Runs that are not score in the bat


5)Virendra Sehwag

g pay quiz answers 11nd November  2022

Answer :

1)Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid
3)Sachin Tendulkar
5)International Cricket Council

g pay quiz answers 10nd November  2022

Answer :

1) 6

2) Leg before wicket

3) Shah Rukh Khan

4) Rahul Dravid

5) Surya Namaskar

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g pay quiz answers 6nd November  2022

Google Pay Festive Quiz Day 5 | Win Cashback & Voucher

Answer :

2)All of the choices
3)Send Shagun to their sisters
4)Golden Duck
5)All of these

g pay quiz answers 5nd November  2022

Google Pay Festive Quiz Day 4 | Win Cashback & Voucher

Answer :

2)Red chili powder
3)When the result of the match is tie
4)Boxing ring

Google Pay Festive Quiz Day 3 | Win Cashback & Ajio Voucher

Answer :

1) Talking to the umpire

2) Rows of light

3) Cheesecake

4) Once

5) Make Rangoli

g pay quiz answers 4nd November  2022

Questions1: Which Of These Is NOT A Way Of Getting Out In Cricket?

Answer: Talking to the umpire

Questions2: The Name Diwali Is Derived From The Sanskrit Term Dipavali. How Is It Known In English?

Answer: 2) Rows of light

Questions3: Which Of The Following Sweets Is Unlikely To Be Eaten On Diwali?

Answer: 3) Cheesecake

Questions4: How Many Times Has India Won The T20 World Cup Till Now?

Answer: 4) Once

Questions5: What Does Kollam, Alpana, Jhoti Have In Common?

Answer: 5) Make Rangoli

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How To Play G-Pay Fan Wall Daily Quiz 

  1. Fast of all Updated and login with Google Pay App from Play Store.
  2. Then you have to go to the G-Pay Offers section which is seen below.
  3. Take the festive quiz daily & get exciting rewards everyday
  4. Then you have to start the Quiz by click on Take the festive quiz now, all the MCQ questions will come inside the Quiz, you just have to answer them,
  5. I have given the answer of all today’s questions to the Above.

Google Pay Festive Quiz Details

If you get all of 5 questions correct, you can get a chance to earn one of these rewards or a “Best Luck Next Time” message:

  • A cashback worth *2-20.
  • A Google Pay voucher worth 2-20 that rewards you cashback when you complete an eligible payment on Google Pay.
  • A discount voucher that rewards you with at least 3% off on third party goods and services.

G Pay Quiz Answers 4nd November  2022

  • Answer : 1) Kapil Dev
  • Answer : 2)Ram and Sita
  • Answer : 3)Two-50 over and 20 over
  • Answer : 4)Water Balloons
  • Answer : 5)Ramesh

g pay quiz answers 3nd November  2022

Questions1: What is the middle name of Sachin Tendulkar?

Answer: Ramesh

Questions2: How Many types of World Cups are there in world Cricket?

Answer: 50 over & 20 Over

Questions3: Which of the following do we NOT light up on Diwali?

Answer: Water balloons

Questions4: Who was the Indian Captain when we won the Cricket World Cup in 1983?

Answer: Kapil Dev

Questions5: Which two historical icons of India does Diwali Celebrate the Return Of?

Answer: Ram and Sita

Google Pay Quiz Answers 2nd November  2022

Questions1: What is a Cricket Ball Made Out Of?

Answer: Cork, String and Leather

Questions2: How Many Days before Diwali, is Dhanteras Celebrated?

Answer: 2

Questions3: Which team won the First T20 World Cup Title?

Answer: India

Questions4: Which of the following activities would you NOT associate with Dhanteras?

Answer: Buying a X-Mas Tree

Questions5: Who scored the first ever century in 2007 T20 World Cup?

Answer: Chris Gayle

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