Three Nobel Prize winning scientists of quantum

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Now, The Religion Of A Particle Is Not Fixed Before It Is Measured. Meaning, Religion Can Be More Than One. Whatever The Religion Of A Particle is Measured, So Is It.

(Left to right) Professor Alan Aspect, Professor John Francis Klauser, scientist Anton Zeilinger.
(Left to right) Professor Alan Aspect, Professor John Francis Klauser, scientist Anton Zeilinger.

What Albert Einstein called the ‘spooky factory at a distance’ won the Nobel Prize in Physics this time. Austrian scientist Irwin Schrödinger, who won the Nobel Prize, won the Nobel this time for what he called the only characteristic of quantum mechanics.

Who Are The Recipients?

California Institute of Technology Professor John Francis Clauser, Ecole Polytechnique Professor Alan Aspect and University of Vienna scientist Anton Zeilinger. The three of them will equally share the prize of one million Swedish kroner (about one million dollars).

Simply put, they are quantum mechanics researchers. More Precisely, They Work With ‘entangled particles’. How Is The Knot? Suppose two particles collide Somehow. After That, Everyone went far, far away. At both ends of the Universe. The Two Particles will Still Act As A Mass. Meaning, what is the religion of one, the Religion Of The Other Will Be exactly the opposite. By measuring one’s religion, One Can Say What The Other’s Religion Will Be Without Measuring The Other’s Religion.

This is what Einstein called ‘The Ghost Factory From Afar’. In 1935, While Researching At Princeton University’s Institute of Advanced Study in America, he wrote a paper with Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen in the journal Physical Review. Schrödinger, like Einstein who opposed quantum Mechanics, Said That This Entanglement is what Separates The Quantum From Our Known World.

Now, the religion of a particle is not fixed before it is measured. Meaning, religion can be more than one. whatever the religion of a particle is measured, so is it. Entanglement means that Measuring The Religion Of One Of the Entangled Particles Determines The Religion Of The Other. It May also be that the Religion Of One Particle Was Already fixed, and the religion of the Other Was Already Fixed. Just waiting to measure. That is, the religion of one And The Other Is Already Fixed—this is called the Hidden Variable Theory.

Quantum Mechanics, or Hidden Variables – Which is Right? After that, The Great Quantum researcher John Stuart Bell. While doing research at the CERN laboratory near Geneva in the 1960s, he Invented An Inequality. According to Bell’s theory, if the hidden variable theory is true, the correlation between one particle and another will always be less than one value. And, if quantum mechanics were true, that value would be higher. As it turns out, the relationship exceeds that standard. That is, quantum mechanics is true. Year 1972 Klauser WAS A 30-YEAR-OLD researcher. He was the first to prove Bell’s inequality—That Is, That Quantum Mechanics Is true. After that 1982. Klauser’s test remained flawed. Aspect removes them. He sees Quantum Mechanics As Strange but true. Year 1998 Zeilinger attributed the quantum religion of One Particle To Another particle at a Distance. Quantum Teleportation.

Anders Arback, chairman of the Nobel Physics Committee, said at the press conference that the three won the Prize, He Said That Although Quantum Mechanics Is Strange, It Is  . Quantum mechanics is now a fully available technology.

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