How to complete the Quran during Ramadan

Since Ramadan is approaching it is extremely important for us to understand that Qur’an holds alot of importance specially in Ramadan. The companions used to finish the Qur’an in Ramadan for so many times! (about 40 or more times). The ﷺ Prophet Muhammad used to study the Qur’an with Angel Jibrael (als) every night in Ramadan.

How to complete the Quran during Ramadan
How to complete the Quran during Ramadan

The Quran has 600 pages approximately. If you divide it on 30 days, that’s 20 pages a day. That may be difficult to do right? But, if you divide it in on the 5 daily prayers a day. It gets easier.

If you read 4 pages after every salah in Ramadan, then you’ve completed the Quran.

Other ways you can divide reading the pages during Ramadan due to school, work or anything else is.

  • Read 4 pages after every obligatory prayer
  • Read 2 pages before each obligatory prayer, and 2 pages after
  • Read 5 pages in the morning, noon, afternoon, and night
  • Read 10 pages in the morning, and 10 in the evening

And the rewards of reading only a letter from the Qur’an are immense! So, focus on Qur’an this Ramadan. Read it with beautiful voice, read it slowly, and ponder upon its meanings as well. Learn small surahs every night, listen to those surahs while doing work and you’ll eventually learn those surahs in no time!

Read its tafseer, understand the word of Allah. Don’t waste your time in watching serials/movies/ Netflix/ playing games/ scrolling through social medias. Spend it wisely. Maybe this Ramadan is your last Ramadan and Allah knows, maybe Allah opens your heart and guides you to the pathway of jannah when He sees the sincerity and hardwork you put into learning and understanding His Words.

May we all grow and become better Muslims increasing our imaan and growing our knowledge of our beloved religion Ameen.

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